lead vocal ache cubano

Ommis Bonet Diaz

Lead Singer
rhyence silvano backing vocal ache cubano

Rhyence Silvano

Backing Vocal
piano player ranphrey domitilia ache cubano

Ranphrey Domitilia

Michiel Sambre

Michiel Sambre

percussion player gert deters ache cubano

Gert "Baby" Deters

bass player christian trapenberg ache cubano

Christian Trapenberg

drummer David rock ache cubano

David Rock

tobi trumpet player for ache cubano

Tobi Till

santi fernandez trumpet 2 player fo ache cubano

Santi Fernandez

trombone player pasha shcherbakov ache cubano

Pasha Shcherbakov

ronny trombone player ache cubano

Ronny Atoche

deveney foh engineer ache cubano

Deveney Elizabeth

FOH Engineer


Ache Cubano brings a mix of ruma, timba, mambo and son montuno. The group presents the best of Afro-Cuban rhythms and melodies.

Bandleader Ommis Bonet has made it his mission to the wealth of diversity and vitality of Cuban music to share with the world. With Ache Cubano he is constantly looking for talent to authentic as the music of this legendary island continue to live.

For over five years, this Groningen-based Cuban Son band has been well-known in the salsa scene. People from Groningen are accustomed to the band’s repertoire and members. Lately the band becomes more present outside Groningen.

Ache Cubano has matured by the experience of the previous years. The band saw an increase in own repertoire. In this way, the band has developed a fully unique sound, by combining traditional Son with modern salsa influences, as well as cuban timba.

The band members have become a great team and amplify their respective qualities. There are always opportunities for solos and improvisation, giving the musicians a chance to show their individual qualities. This makes each concert unique and it makes attending an Ache Cubano event interesting for the music lover.

The progression the band has made in recent years, both in style and repertoire, has been noticed outside Groningen. Ache Cubano now plays everywhere in The Netherlands and abroad.

Songs Ache Cubano has especially had good reception in Groningen, are: Andar En Habana, Adonde Vas and El Bacalao (studio recordings have been made).